Unfiltered SCR DC Basic Speed Control (open chassis)

Unfiltered SCR DC Basic Speed Control (open chassis)
Standard Features
  • Operates from 115 Volt AC or 230 Volt AC line, selectable with plug-in jumper.
  • Switchable output for 0-90 Volt DC or 0-180 Volt DC.
  • Back EMF feedback maintains better than 2% speed regulation.
  • Dip switches to easily calibrate control for different motor sizes.
  • Two diagnostic LEDs indicate when power is on and when current output is at limit set by TORQ pot.
  • Six on-board user-adjustable pots for torque limit, minimum speed limit, maximum speed limit, acceleration time, deceleration time and speed regulation.
  • Speed can be adjusted manually using a remote 10K speed pot (included with control).
  • Unfiltered drive draws lower AC line current than comparable SCR filtered controls.
  • Connections for optional user-supplied inhibit switch.
Application Information
  • Rated for continuous operation in 50 C ambient with no additional heat sink.
  • Drives Bodine 130V and 180V permanent magnet DC motors.
  • Drives 90V and 180V 'SCR rated' and 130V 'PWM rated' permanent magnet DC motors made by other manufacturers.
  • Connections made to model 0865 with 0.25' quick connect tabs. Seven mating terminals supplied with control. Connections made to model 0866 with pluggable terminal block (supplied with control).
Optional Accessories
  • Analog interface board and isolation module model 3984.
Related Documentation
  • View product specifications and dimensions in PDF format here
  • View installation and operating instructions in PDF format here
Model numbers that begin with an 'N' require lead time and minimum order quantities.
Model Number
1/4 inch
QC tab
Unfiltered SCR DC, Chassis, 50/60 Hz, Basic Speed Control
1/5 @ 90 V 115/230 0-90 / 0-180 UPM-3318C 0865 0866
1/3 @ 180V 115/230 0-90 / 0-180 UPM-3318C 0865 0866

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